hi i am lewis and i am an upcuming web developer, straight to your netscape browser! you may remember me from widiful.geosites.com but i have decided to write and host my very own page on the net! if you have any questons or want mentoring on the hdml lanquidge then please contact me on icq under widdifulxd or email me at xx_cool_crazy_cawesome_lewis_1994_xx@hotmail.com
this is a "high peer' link,, just one of the many things i havce learned on the htmi langage!

Hah Hah! Internet Jokes! Add Me On Friendster And MySpace!
I And My Family Am Going To New York On The 12th Of september 2001 To Go See The World Trade Center -- A Very Tall Building! Let's Just Hope That Y2K Doesn't Kill My Website ROFL!
I Went To A DinOSAUR Zoo Today And Saw A inosaur! They Are So AWESOME OMG!!! A Film Called Star War Comes Out Next Year! I Can Wait! L@@KS C@@L!!
I Love The Wutang Clan!! IF ONLY THEYRE WAS A HAMTARO GIF WITH WITAN GLAN SONG THAT WOULD BE FUNny lol cash rules every thjing around
hey gang windows 98 is about to come out and so ill be able to use fat32 on my machine so there will be a bit of downstime while i sort out the site to be combatbible with the new fat32 instead of old fat thnk you for your patients.

this website is curently UNDER CONSTRUCTION so p;ease be patent