"Look mum, I know Java"
The Adventures of Frustum Jones (2011)
A game written in Java over a week. Collect all the gems to win; touching a skull kills you. Throw rocks to solve "puzzles" in this creepy, totally original, dark forest! The current version features a mysterious hut, a dwarven mine and some insane platforming action. Will add a wider variety of environments, challenging puzzles, nicer graphics, extra weapons and possible multiplayer.
Last Updated 23/12/12

A Day in the Life of an Obese Dwarf with Personality and Spacial Issues (March 2013-Current)
You play as an avid World of Warcraft player who's just reached the max level on all of his characters, with the next expansion being only one digital download away! But what's this? The ISP contacted you, informing you about a 48 hour block from battle.net! Can you brave the outside and get that expansion pack that your no-life depends on?
Last Updated 20/08/14