Touhou Launcher changelog

Version 1.12 (25/05/2015) 783KB
  • Added Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
  • Added character backgrounds for Kasen, Seiran, Ringo and Doremy Sweet
  • Added two more custom background slots
  • Fixed a few more bugs:
    • Program no longer breaks the clipboard
    • ULiL and PC98 emulator file paths save properly
    • ULiL custom images now actually work
  • Character backgrounds are now a separate download so the file size isn't so huge, you get them here
Version 1.11 (10/01/2015) 12MB
  • Added Urban Legend in Limbo
  • Added player counter to info tab, clicking on it opens a world map
  • Added link to IRC, don't make me regret this you sick fucks
  • Added system tray icon, can be shown always, when minimised or never. Right-click runs games
  • Added random fan game button to context menu in the Fan Games tab and tray icon
  • Replay browser no longer connects to web pages when the program is launched
  • Shortcuts in the root fan game folder now load automatically (finally)
Version 1.10 (18/11/2014) 12MB
  • Added option to load fan games with AppLocale
  • Added different language version shortcuts, custom.exe, replay folder, vpatch.ini and boss rush options to game context menus
  • Added option to use custom images for game buttons
  • Copying a .rpy file's URL while the launcher is running will download it to the correct game's location
  • Selecting shortcuts when adding games now copies the shortcut, useful for AppLocale and THCRAP shortcuts and those with arguments
Version 1.9 (02/11/2014) 11.9MB
  • Added settings for which games the random button will play
  • Added grey theme
  • Added custom background setting
  • Added character themes for the rest of the Windows games
  • Added option to grey out games that haven't been added yet
  • Fixed a few bugs with the new fan game features from last update:
    • Renaming and adding files doesn't change current folder to root fan folder
    • Renaming and only changing case no longer throws an error
  • Fan game folders now automatically expand
  • Fan games can be dragged and dropped into a the fan game browser
  • Character background list loops back to top or bottom when scrolling through with the mouse wheel or arrow keys
Version 1.8 (26/10/2014) 4.8MB
  • Added replay browser, can download replay files to the associated game's replay folder and run the game. Currently supports, and
  • Added new folder, delete and rename buttons to context menu in Fan Games tab
  • Added PCB and IN character themes
  • Adding fan games is now done in the Fan Games tab
  • Made the window size bigger, can become wider for replay browser
  • Improved readability on buttons, I'm colourblind so this might not actually be true
  • Clicking on a game that doesn't have a shortcut will run the shortcut-creating process similar to the Game Locations tab but with only one game
  • Removed 'file exists' dialog when creating a shortcut
  • Removed Fan Game Locations tab
Version 1.7 (22/10/2014) 2.2MB
  • Added significantly improved support for PC98 games *READ THE README ABOUT THIS ONE*
  • Added random button
  • Added option to not load file paths in the Game Locations tab
  • Added main playable character and EoSD themes
  • Separated theme option into theme and character
  • Can now drag and drop files into the text boxes in the game locations tab
  • Removed PC98 Emulator button due to newer, better support. You can, however, change the PC98 Touhou shortcuts to open your emulator or use the fan game browser
Version 1.6 (21/10/2014) 654KB
  • Added update checker. Checks for updates at startup and also on the info tab
  • Added settings tab, featuring:
    • Auto-close option
    • Option to disable the automatic update checker
    • Better image and text display options that save between sessions
    • Themes, currently light, dark, Marisa and Reimu. Let me know which character-based themes you want me to add and I'll do it.
    • Support for multiple languages. If you want me to add your language, email me with translations. Currently includes English and Japanese
  • Fan game browser no longer displays the '.lnk' file extension
Version 1.5 (18/10/2014) 403KB
  • Added icons to fan game browser
  • Added sorting by file name to fan game browser
  • Added option to open fan game's folder in context menu
  • Fan game browser view and sort are now saved between sessions
  • The list box in fan game locations no longer shows the full path, just the file name
  • Program no longer creates empty shortcuts on load
  • Removed more redundant files
Version 1.4 (29/09/2014) 1.4MB
  • Added Info tab
  • Added link to game folder in context menu
  • Text boxes in the Game Locations tab are filled in automatically if a link is present. Helpful for adding missing games
  • Removed splash screen
  • Removed redundant files
Version 1.3.5 (24/09/2014) 1.4MB
  • Shortcuts in fan game sub folders now actually work
Version 1.3 (24/09/2014) 1.3MB
  • Improved fan game interface (this was hell)
  • Few file browser adjustments:
    • Searching for games tells you which game to look for in case you forgot
    • file browsing dialog opens in the last folder you were in
  • Program now automatically creates 'th' and 'th\fan' folders
Version 1.2 (22/09/2014) 1.3MB
  • Improved user interface
  • Added (basic) fan game functionality
  • Added (basic) PC98 functionality
Version 1.1 (21/09/2014) 1.3MB
  • Added link to AppData folder in context menu
  • Bugfixes
Version 1.0 (20/09/2014) 1.3MB
  • First release

Enjoy your NERD games, NERD! 21/09/2014